Weibo, aka Chinese Twitter

By in Chinese Culture on April 27, 2015

Robert Downey Jr on Weibo Screen Shot is often called the Chinese Twitter in Western media reports (and Weibo has asked them to stop).

A number of well known American sports and entertainment figures have their own Weibo account, like Kobe Bryant and Robert Downey Jr. (see above screen shot of his Weibo), and businesses seeking to build and maintain a customer base in China, like Nike – even the US Embassy in Beijing maintains a Weibo account.

Is Weibo important for your company’s efforts to be heard and seen in China? The answer is definitely yes, and here’s more info on the 7 Reasons Why The West Is Obsessed with Weibo from Business Insider.

Read more about American celebrities on Weibo but not Twitter.

Contact us for more info on setting up a Weibo account as part of an integrated marketing strategy for your business in China.

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